Who is the Family Connects Expo?

Who are the organizers of the Family Connects Expo?

Meet Christina and Shannon

The Family Connects Expo organizers, Christina Millar and Shannon Bezanson, have been in the special event business for over a combined forty years. They officially formed Event Partners Group in 2014 after many years of collaboration on non-profit events, bringing their event planning and production talents under one brand.

HairRazor for Maggie's PlaceChristina lives a rural lifestyle near Truro, NS and is the in-house producer and marketing manager. Sometimes that means a call with Shannon from the backyard while a rooster crows in the background, or a quick text while she is at a Maggie’s Place board meeting.

Not to be outdone, Shannon can be found on a football field or basketball court most evenings and certainly every weekend just about anywhere, snapping pro pics of her son. While her calling is event planning, she also loves the view from behind a camera’s lens too.

Both event specialists blend business and family life in the balanced way life Nova Scotians are fortunate to do so.